The Remaining


Mark Matlock on The Remaining
Mark Matlock
Rev. Tony Suarez
Rev. Tony Suarez
Pastor Matthew Hagee
Pastor Matthew Hagee
Bishop George Bloomer
Bishop George Bloomer
Bishop Ellis
Bishop Ellis
Leonard N Smith
Leonard N Smith

"I am always grateful with opportunities and tools that lead to profound conversations with the new generation about faith, honesty and salvation. The Remaining is an excellent trigger for those kind of conversations."
Lucas Leys - President Especialidades Juveniles

"In a fresh and unexpecting way The Remaining reminds us that in the midst of a hopeless culture, we still have a blessed hope! Maranatha!"
Rev. Tony Suarez, Vice President of Chapters, NHCLC

"The Remaining is a well-crafted film that will challenge all viewers to ask themselves, "Could this really happen? And if it did happen, where would I be—among the dead or among the remaining?"
Mark D. Taylor, President and CEO Tyndale House Publishers

"We are thrilled to be able to bring our experience in fiction—and our particular knowledge of the end times genre—to this project. We continue to see strong opportunities in pairing novels with film to extend the message and conversation around Christian entertainment."
Karen Watson, Associate Publisher – Fiction Tyndale House Publishers

"The Remaining is a project I am proud to be a part of because it's message is going to reach a generation of young people that some think is unreachable. I am exciting to see lives changed as a result of seeing this film."
Cheryl Kerwin, Senior Marketing Manager, Tyndale House Publishers

"The Remaining is a movie youth workers ought to see. As church leaders, we need to know what culture is saying about faith and this movie puts a light on conversations that teenagers are having—and it's definitely worth conversation and worth our engagement. The Remaining tells a great story, but more importantly, it communicates some essential biblical teachings and opens the door for meaningful conversations with your students. I highly recommend it."
Matt McGill, Download Youth Ministry

"The Remaining is a true supernatural thriller. The conversations with my own teens after watching The Remaining led to deep discussions about authenticity, faith, and salvation."
Mark Matlock - President, Youth Specialties

"This movie does a great job of drawing you in no matter where you are in life. It makes you think about whether you're just attending a church or in a relationship with God and the reactions of those who may be left behind. I highly recommend everyone seeing this movie."
Mike Nelson, National Youth Leaders Association (NYLA)

"The Remaining is an epic contemporary dramatization of apocalyptic events. It's compelling realism thrusts the audience into an involuntarily self-examination and reassessment of personal life priorities. Movies are created to entertain you, this one will challenge or change you!
Leonard N. Smith, Senior Minister, Mount Zion Baptist Church of Arlington, VA, and Chancellor of Richmond Virginia Seminary, Richmond, VA

"Wow! The Remaining will create tons of discussions. Brush up on your rapture theology, get parents' permission for their kids to see this movie, and prepare yourself for some good end times questions. It's compelling and definitely makes you think. Actually, on second thought… get parents to take their kids and have those conversations at home. This will change people."
Doug Fields, Download Youth Ministry

"There has never been a more critical time for the soul of a human being than the times we are facing. This film forces one to ask determinative questions about faith and eternity, life and everlasting life, relationship and religion. The Remaining is a life-changing movie that will literally jolt you into the reality of Heaven vs. Hell.
Bishop Neil C Ellis

"The Remaining dives, unapologetically, into the tough question: When the world reaches it's end, will I remain? In a powerful and sterilizing way, it scares you into the realization that we all have a choice. What choice have I made? How can I influence the right choice? It is an incredible movie that will change lives across the world.
Bishop George Bloomer